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I reached state on 28.12.16 at about 6 pm. National flight destination عقبة I arrived 10.30 pm. I came to the town by cab and slept in a nice hotel near the harbour. On حميس I gathered more facts on the Saharan Forestry Project and it mentioned no more about its situation near the border, therefore I want to convince myself and took a cab direction Israel border control. I knew it was dangerous with the minesweeper, however I go several meter til soldiers shouted I must go back. لا موشقلا after correspondence with many men we found that the firm lies in Amman + I got their number from the police emphatic captain. I spent the day on my room in south beach 8 km from Arabia´s border, to relax at busy circumstance. Zzerbrech ich mein Kopf

El-Ramady et al says Economic diversification starts wherein agricultural and nonagricultural development mayorize.


  • Application of GIS to Restauration of model sites in arid regions. - National Price Austria - Egypt.
  • في نوفمبير أنا كنت في مصر تاني, لاكني ليس خرج. أنا فيس كنيسة في فرافر بال شكر العجوز, فيليشا و خلد. لكن لست فعل في الاملية الشي حقلِ.