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I, Ladstaetter Moritz, decided to continue this blog bilingual, I need to practice my arabic and maybe there are also many fans of its project. My next
journey in julio was much shorter than in january, but I solved some problem from january, (f.i. the power thing, we get power for the
water pump now from a 20 W solar panel, and the biotope isn't manual watering now works automated with a timer, measuring still from)
with the water meter. Issue: I ought to have gone to the forest ministry at Cairo in permission duties. No real reason. Restaurating none person wasn't avail officially.
My friend is now working where canceled in finding to Arthur, it's not true.. I have a guard on demand. - super jork mesh!
Coordinated 27,14776 long, 27,91838 lat. Next action is making des enquete with endemic, egyptian wood owners concerning their  ألم of Archimedes mensuration. I'd like do to
it with my big love Plecia Pieteradan. The results run inside polity making.



You want to own your field in Abu Nus?