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I came to فرفر on the 16th of Jan, an we met Ahmet who showed us their fields. On the 17th I decided with Walid and Martin to take what is there and get a small field, though it is sandy loam. Chalid said he could make a tank for our field for measuring the Water Use.

At around 6 o´clock pm we drove on direction Kairo where we met his friends Azam and Yusif.We had fun drinkin’, smoking Shisha and fuckin’ around. Next day the car was lost behind many cars, we couldn’t get plants. Only the other day when we saw several garden shops and decided in olive trees because the Mesquite wasn’t available, we could free our car.

we drove 600 km from Cairo until Farafra we checked rahala hotel.
Ahmet, Chalid, Walid, me and sb who name is unknown planted the olive trees, ready about 6.20 pm.
The atm does work only en steps of 300$ now in Farafra, I paid Walid 25$ for the tank. The Computer تولمبة non work. 

Together, succession and disturbance are the fundamental processes of vegetation dynamics. Sensu stricto autogenic succession, after Caddy & Weiher, White & Jentsch.

cam, c4, c3.  @ BEF: Ecosystem functionas lervice (29.11.15). Greenhouse Good and C sequestration. Shaheed Naeem 2003

the environment under Individuum belittling receives the carbon gain minus' habitat.

the narrow-line disturbing biosvera.